Would you like to praise someone?

My personal favorite Scrum practice is Retrospective. You can expect to hear a lot of tips in this blog for retros and lessons learned meetings. Today I want to bring out my most used question at those end-of-sprint gatherings and that is: would you like to praise someone in the team? In Estonia this questions first scares people as we are not used to praising. Actually, we are not used to giving praise and we are even less used to getting praise, so it might be uncomfortable either way. But after repeating the question from meeting to meeting, people get used to it. They start to notice those extra steps their teammates take and thank them. They start to feel good that they are noticed and enjoy working together with that team.

I have done this experiment in three completely different teams, each experiment lasting over six months and it works every time. People do start to say out loud the good more, maybe not each week, but at least every other week and that just feels amazing! So why not take a time and praise someone right now?

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