Hooked on Slack

We live in the world where new software products are born on each moment (just to be clear – I do not have a real statistics on that). So, naturally we have a lot of tools available to help us to build team-spirit, to organize our work and to communicate with our customers (Jira, Google Drive, Skype, Hangouts to name a few). Yesterday I started to think at the tools that have made such an impact, that I don’t remember how was life before. Then Slack came to my mind (Fleep, Teams and several others offer the same functionality and are probably as good as Slack). I literally cannot imagine international teamwork without it any longer. Skype was there before, but it was different.

Right now I feel closer to my customers than I have ever before. And my customers are in Stockholm, I am in Tallinn. I see much more team communication than I have ever seen before, and some people in the team work from Thailand, some from Tallinn, some from Tartu etc. I still value face to face meetings. I love using pens and papers and post-its during retros, but Slack has given new dimensions and opportunities for distributed teams, giving people much more freedom and flexibility and at the same time still always being there.

What I love about Slack:

  • simple user management
  • channels system
  • reactions, polls, pinned items
  • highlighting, starring and setting reminders to certain sentences

Small things help to change the world. What communication or teamwork tools have changed your work/life?

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